Saturday, December 8, 2007

Camera Gear Bag for Cheap

While browsing the net I stumbled across the Strobist Site, it brought me back to earlier days when I learned to use an off camera flash Sunpak 120J while learning from the wonderful Terry Wawro.

I thought, well heck I have most of this stuff, I just need to unpack it. We recently moved and I still needed a good reason to unpack. So I started gathering the light stands, tripods, monopods and the like.

So while running errands today, I stopped by Sports Authority and in the baseball section they had a sale on the following Nike "Keystone" bat bag and it was on clearance for $14.97.

I picked one up thinking it looked about the right length for my needs and took it home. As you can see below, it is the right size to fit most of my gear.

Now that everything will fit length wise, I will go back tomorrow and pick up another one. Then I can have 1 bag for the mono pod and tri-pod, and another bag for 2-4 light stands. The light stand in the picture above is a Manfrotto 3372

Also on the back side of the bag is a pocket that runs the length of the bag that is a completely separate compartment, so you could fit 1 more light stand in there and carry as many as 5 or 6 in one bag.

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