Thursday, January 24, 2008

The various stages of life....

While surfing the net and doing some general photography research I winded my way down the fiber to an article that brought me back to what I had learned earlier in life.

If you have ever listened to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, in one of his works talks about the various stages of life, without stealing his thunder, one of the stages is the statesman, in this stage, you have reached the maturity to be comfortable with who you are and the wisdom to learn from your own and others past mistakes as well as the awareness of helping others.

This photography article about How to make the most of a mentor, is what brought me back to thinking about the stage of the "statesman". While the article speaks about being an inquisitive student, I urge you to think about the opposite side, becoming a good mentor. I have had the pleasure of mentoring many people through the course of my career and cherish each of those relationships.

If you have the opportunity to mentor someone, whether personally or professionally I suggest you make the most of the opportunity, both you and the student will grow. If you have not listened to Dr. Dyer, I suggest that you go listen to his podcasts!

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